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Upon deciding to join a fraternity or sorority, the next step is to determine which method of recruitment will provide you the options you seek. Methods of recruitment can vary; therefore, take a look at our listing of definitions below to become familiar with some of the language used when participating in the recruitment process.

Methods of Recruitment & Intake

Informal Recruitment/Intake

The majority of fraternities and sororities at Illinois engage in informal recruitment or intake throughout the year. This method of recruitment can occur during the fall semester, spring semester, summer or an ongoing basis throughout the year. Certainly based on the preference of an organization, it is important to ask questions of organizations you are interested in joining to see when they will be open for membership.

Some fraternities and sororities will host events ranging from informational sessions where you can learn more about the organization to general social events such as service events, cookouts, house tours (if a chapter has an official facility), and/or game nights. Your attendance at these events is optional unless otherwise indicated. However, regardless of the event, the most important thing you can do as a prospective members is to meet as many of the members as possible and begin getting to know them. The concept of "people join people" emphasizes the importance of finding a good fit.

To help you in determining which organizations engage in informal recruitment or intake, check out our breakdown below.

Formal Recruitment

A select number of our organizations collaborate and host formal recruitment once a year on campus. These organizations, primarily know by their national affiliation with the National Panhellenic Conference or NPC, consist of women’s fraternities and sororities. Formal Panhellenic Recruitment is coordinated by the Panhellenic Council and is held at the start of every fall semester. Women seeking to join one of the 19 Panhellenic organizations are encouraged to register for formal recruitment.

Get more information about registering for Formal Panhellenic Recruitment. Below is a listing of women’s fraternities and sororities which participate in formal recruitment.

Joining a General Social Fraternity

Interested in joining a General Social Fraternity?

Men interested in joining may participate in an open informal recruitment process. This traditionally begins at the start of the fall and spring semesters, and each organization typically provides multiple opportunities for current fraternity members and prospective members to interact. Either through an open house, individual chapter events or even informational meetings, students are provided amble time to find the right organization.

Many of our general social fraternities have chapter facilities where a population of the current membership reside. Traditionally starting their second year of membership, many fraternities have particular standards requiring members to live in while an undergraduate member. Be sure to ask about any live-in requirements if a chapter has a facility. Moreover, many of the chapter houses are considered Private Certified Housing per University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign standards. To see a listing of chapters which have Private Certified Housing, check out our listing of Fraternities and sort by "Has a Chapter House/Facility."

Fraternities considered general social fraternities are members of the Interfraternity Council.

Joining an organization with an Academic Affiliation

Interested in joining an organization with an Academic Affiliation?

Illinois is home to a variety of fraternal organizations with an academic affiliation. Unlike honorary Greek-letter organizations which are co-ed and are based out of a college or school, our academically affiliated organizations are traditional social fraternities and sororities. Students may be a member of both a social academic affiliated fraternal organization and an honorary.

All fraternities and sororities with an academic affiliation conduct informal recruitment. However, prior to seeking membership, we would encourage you to contact an organization in which you are interested to determine if you must be enrolled as a specific major to join.

Academically affiliated organizations at Illinois are members of either the Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic Council. Below is a listing of recognized Illinois academically affiliated organizations.

Joining an organization with a Cultural Affiliation

Interested in joining an organization with a Cultural Affiliation?

All fraternities and sororities with a cultural affiliation informally recruitment members to join their organizations. However, the type and period in which they conduct intake is dependent on the organization. Below are brief descriptions and listings of culturally affiliated fraternities and sororities.

Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs)

Historically Black Greek Letter Organizations engage in an informal method of recruitment often referred to as intake. All of these fraternities and sororities will host informational sessions where the chapter will present information on the organization and specifics on how one would go about joining. All of the BGLOs at Illinois begin considering applicants as early as their second semester freshman year, yet many will only consider prospective members as early as their sophomore year. To determine when you would eligible to join a BGLO, please visit their national websites or contact the local chapter to learn more.

Black Greek Letters Organizations at Illinois are members of the Black Greek Council. Below is a listing of recognized Illinois BGLOs.

Asian, Latino/a, Multicultural & South Asian Interest Organizations

Some of the fastest growing fraternal organizations, Asian, Latino/a, Multicultural and South Asian interest fraternities and sororities command a strong presence at Illinois. Similar to traditional social fraternal organizations, culture is an important component guiding their initiatives.

All of our culturally affiliated organizations are inclusive regardless of race, ethnicity or culture. In addition, all of the recognized organizations listed below are members of the either the United Greek Council or Interfraternity Council.

Joining an organization with a Religious Affiliation

Interested in joining an organization with a Religious Affiliation?

Fraternities with a religious affiliation conduct informal recruitment. However, sororities with a religious affiliation participate in Panhellenic Formal Recruitment.

Religiously affiliated fraternal organizations are not exclusively for those who identity with a particular religion. Fraternities and sororities with a religious affiliation are members of either the Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic Council. Below is a listing of religiously affiliated recognized organizations.

Do Not Join

What organizations we would recommend you not join …

Unfortunately, some fraternities and sororities engage in behaviors inconsistent with the expectations and policies of the institution and/or national organization. While many of these organizations typically cease all activity, some may present themselves as fully functional organizations which continue to recruit members. Fraternity & Sorority Affairs urges students and their parents/family members to avoid groups currently functioning without university recognition. To see the current listing of organizations which have had their recognition revoked, see our Chapter Status. In addition, you’ll see a listing of recognized organizations which may have been sanctioned with a specific status due to lesser behaviors which have not warranted revocation of recognition.