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About Asian-Interest Fraternities & Sororities

Asian-interest fraternities and sororities have a rich history dating back to the early 20th Century. However, it wasn’t until the 1980’s, during the time of an increased Asian American student population, that many of the initial organizations began to expand and form chapters on college campuses throughout the country. Asian-interest fraternal organizations focus on developing leaders with an interest in the Asian/Asian American community. These organizations engage in community service and philanthropic endeavors while also providing personal and professional development opportunities for their individual members.

Student members of Asian-interest fraternities and sororities

Asian-Interest Fraternities & Sororities at Illinois

The first Asian-interest fraternity and sorority were founded at Illinois in 1997 and 2000 respectively. Since their chartering, our community has grown to include six organizations with a vibrant student population. All of our Asian-interest fraternities and sororities are members of the United Greek Council.

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