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Grade Release Cards

Due to COVID-19 and its impacts on in-person procedures, the Grade Release Card has been converted to an online format. Please click the link on our homepage to complete a Grade Release Form. The deadline for Fall is October 15 and the deadline for Spring is March 15.

How to Make Roster Updates

Use this video to help you navigate the Chapter Roster System. This video will walk you through how to add and delete members, download a copy of your roster, and use other features of the system.

For specific actions please see the time stamps below to fast-forward to what you need:

  • Download a chapter roster – 0:33
  • Add a member – 0:50
  • Delete a member – 1:10
  • Assign members to officer positions – 1:24
  • Add/Update/Edit Chapter contacts – 1:38

Organization Compliance

This video walks you through where to find the expectations and requirements of Chapters to be in compliance with Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.

Accessing Chapter Grade Reports

This video will show you where to find council grade reports broken down by chapter for both current and past semesters including council and university averages.

Membership Intake Policies & Procedures

This video walks you through where to find the policies and procedures regarding Membership Intake and New Member Presentations/Reveals/Shows.

New Member Presentations, Reveals, & Shows

This video walks you through where to find information on how to add your New Member Presentation show to the calendar and how to view what other events are being planned.