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Intake Procedures

Fraternity & Sorority Affairs requires all chapters which facilitate an intake process to meet with the Fraternity & Sorority Affairs Advisors and submit a Notice of Intention to Conduct Membership Intake Form (pdf) prior to the start of the process. The meeting should take place before the conclusion of the third week of the semester.

Should your organization require a signature on inter/national paperwork from a Fraternity & Sorority Affairs staff member, you will be required to submit the completed Intake Notification Form prior to receiving any signatures from our staff.

New Member Presentations & Shows

New Member Presentations & Shows are performances hosted by chapters which have recently initiated new members into their organizations and wish to publically introduce them to the campus community. In order to facilitate a smooth and successful presentation, chapters are required to meet with the Fraternity & Sorority Affairs Advisors to review policies and expectations. Below is a brief listing of items pertaining to the scheduling of shows and behavior/representation expectations.

Presentation Show Scheduling

  • New Member Presentations cannot take place after the completion of week fourteen (14) of the academic semester.
  • Chapters must hold presentations for their new members during the same semester in which membership intake was conducted.
  • Space being utilized by chapters for the purpose of a New Member Presentation must be officially reserved. Reservations should be made with anticipation as many campus facilities have limited availability.
  • The Chapter must notify their Fraternity & Sorority Affairs advisor of their New Member Presentation no later than seven (7) business days before the show takes place.

Guidelines for New Member Presentations

  • Despairing comments toward other organizations and/or foul language is not permissible.
  • Physical abuse will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to slapping, kicking, spitting, punching or canning.
  • The Chapter Advisor or a representative of the sponsoring graduate chapter must be present at the duration of the entire show.
  • Fighting or physical alternations may lead to the individual or student being referred to the University of Illinois Police Department and/or the Office for Student Conflict Resolution. If a chapter of the University of Illinois Fraternity/Sorority community is involved in an altercation, the chapter will be brought forth a judicial board in accordance with their governing council.
  • Event which involved special props or items must adhere to the University of Illinois Student Code of Conduct in regard to items permitted on campus.

Roster Updates

Rosters for chapters recognized by Fraternity & Sorority Affairs must be kept updated at all times. This includes the prompt addition of new members, the removal of members who are no longer enrolled at the institution and the updating of pertinent officer information. Access the Fraternity & Sorority Affairs Chapter Roster System.

Rosters must be updated according to the following schedule in order for members to be listed on the respective semester’s grade report.

Grade Release Cards Due

  • Fall Semester: October 15
  • Spring Semester: March 15

Roster Updates Due

  • Fall Semester: December 1
  • Spring Semester: May 1