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What is Fraternity and Sorority Affairs?

Fraternity & Sorority Affairs is the campus unit within the Office of the Dean of Students which oversees all social fraternities and sororities. Our staff serve as advisors and consultants for the Black Greek, Interfraternity, Panhellenic and United Greek Councils, as well as for individual chapters. We work with a wide range of constituents to help undergraduate chapters of fraternities and sororities maximize their potential. Programs encourage academic achievement, diverse membership recruitment, leadership development, community service, risk prevention/management, and sound maintenance of physical facilities.

What is the purpose of fraternities and sororities?

Fraternities and sororities are values-based organizations guided by a mission/purpose statement. Fraternities and sororities can provide a well-rounded college experience which aids in the development of personal and professional skills for members. All of our fraternities and sororities provide opportunities for friendship, leadership, scholarship, service, and social/professional advancement with a respect to the diversity of individual members.

What distinguishes the Fraternity & Sorority Community the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign?

We're a dynamic and diverse community of more than 90 organizations and more than 7,500 students. Each organization provides a forum for students to develop skills in a wide range of areas. The community is diverse and each organization which is a part of the community has their own identity and facilitates their mission and values in different ways with varying levels of success. We encourage you to look through individual websites and social media to glean more information about chapters you have an interest in joining. We also provide a lot of information on our site including academic reports, membership size, participation in activities, and other noteworthy areas. Check it out!