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89 Total Fraternities & Sororities

  • 55 Fraternities
  • 34 Sororities
Infographic showing total number of fraternities and sororities at Illinois.

7,624 Undergraduate Students Affiliated With Social Fraternities & Sororities

Based on Fall 2017 counts.

Infographic showing number of undergraduate students affiliated with social fraternities and sororities at Illinois.

43 Organizations With Affiliations

Academic Affiliations

  • 3 Fraternities
  • 2 Sororities
Architecture, Engineering & Technology
  • 2 Fraternities
  • 2 Sororities

Cultural Affiliations

  • 2 Fraternities
  • 3 Sororities
Black / African American
  • 3 Fraternities
  • 2 Sororities
  • 5 Fraternities
  • 5 Sororities
  • 1 Coed
  • 1 Fraternity
South Asian
  • 3 Fraternities
  • 2 Sororities

Religious Affiliations

  • 1 Fraternity
  • 3 Fraternities
  • 2 Sororities
  • 1 Fraternity
Infographic showing fraternity and sorority chapters that have academic, cultural, and religious affiliations at Illinois.

Many of our fraternal organizations are affiliated with academics, culture, and religious institutions. Yet, these organizations are not exclusively for those who identify with these particular affiliations. Students who are interested in a particular culture and religion may also seek membership into these organizations. Students interested in seeking membership with an academic affiliation should consult with the chapter in case membership is limited to those within particular majors.

16 Consecutive Years Of The All Fraternity & Sorority GPA Exceeding The All Undergraduate GPA

Infographic showing consecutive years that the all fraternity and sorority GPA has exceeded the all undergraduate GPA.

146 Years of Fraternities & Sororities at Illinois

Infographic showing number of years that fraternities and sororities have existed at Illinois.